Level Up
Your Skills

Manpower Acceleration Program


This program is built on driving your career forward and gives you the opportunity to upgrade your skills and increase your potential for higher paying employment opportunities. The program is offered at no cost, over a six week course


  • We are continually re-opening enrollment periods and developing new programs based on the market demands. 

  • We aren't currently enrolling new programs at this time, however, if you are interested in skilling up and enrolling in future programs, please contact

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powerYOU Training Program

This is an online skills training platform that provides associates with targeted and quick content to fill specific knowledge area or skill gaps. You can explore the catalog by registering/logging into PowerYOU.

You can register and take training courses at anytime while on assignment

To register for powerYOU

  • Login to your Manpower account -

  • Access your Secured Self Service tab

  • Select "Training and Development"

  • At the bottom of the page under "How to Register" there will be a link to register as a first time user.

Already have an account? Click here to access powerYOU


Full College Tuition Coverage Program

Together, Manpower and University of Phoenix are offering actively assigned eligible Manpower associates full tuition coverage in pursuit of a first-time bachelor's degree. 

1. Enroll at University of Phoenix 

Click here to complete the form and an advisor will contact you to get you started toward earning your degree.

2. Attend Your Classes

You will be guided through your studies by the university of phoenix faculty where you'll engage rich content, practice your knowledge and receive personalized immersive feedback on your projects.

3. Learn & Progress

Thanks to Manpower, you'll take your courses without any tuition costs and progress toward earning your degree!

For questions or more information on the program email


Personality Assessments



Tratify is a personality assessment that helps you identify your likes and dislikes related to work. The personalized results connect you to jobs that match your preferences. Click here to get started

Learnability Quotient


LQ is an assessment to identify your ability to grow and adapt to new circumstances or challenges and resources to support your results.  Click here to learn more and find your LQ