Update your W4/State Tax Form

If you did not complete your W4/State Tax Form during the onboarding process you will want to login to your Manpower Account to update your information in the Secure Self Service Tab.

Please note if your information is not updated, Manpower will automatically select zero exemptions, however, you can change this information at anytime. 

Find out how to update your State Tax Form here.

What to Wear

The dress code for Assurant is Business Casual

Appropriate business casual dress typically includes:

  • Slacks, Khakis or Corduroy pants

  • Dress Shirt or Blouse

  • Open-Collar or Polo Shirt

  • Optional Tie or Seasonal Sport Coat

  • Tailored Blazer

  • Dress or Skirt at knee-length or below

  • Knit Shirt or Sweater

  • Loafers or dress shoes

  • Casual flat shoes 

  • Dressy type sandals 

To provide a working environment that is comfortable, while still maintaining a business atmosphere, you should be properly groomed when attending work.

Assurant will attempt to accommodate specific situations where there are valid medical or religious reasons for certain attire as long as safety requirements are met.

Care should be given to personal hygiene, as well as the selection of clothing to ensure your appearance creates a professional image for co workers and visitors at all times.

Clothing should be conservative, clean, safe and in good condition. Hair, including facial hair, must be clean, neat and well-groomed.

If you are uncertain whether an article of clothing is acceptable, consult with your manager.


Attendance Policy

Assurant relies heavily the attendance of their workers. Any missed time may result in disciplinary action, and frequent absences may result in your assignment ending early. Assurant’s expectation is that you will not miss any work during the training period because those are the crucial learning days. However, if an emergency comes up and you are running late or have to miss work, be sure to do the following:

1. Call supervisor at Assurant 
Attendance Guidelines

Although MP is your employer your supervisor at Assurant is expecting on the job so you should give them a heads up as soon as possible that you will  be late/ unable to report. 

2. Call the Manpower Attendance Line

ASSURANT'S EXPECTATION is that you will not miss any work during the training period as those training days are crucial learning days.

Connect with your supervisor on your first day and obtain the contact information you need in case you have to miss any work. 

To avoid any delay in your message being communicated you will want to contact both your supervisor at Assurant and the Manpower Attendance line at 855.407.7800

PROVIDE any documentation to both Manpower and Assurant you have regarding your absence. 

i.e: Doctor’s NoteCourt summonings etc.. 

By contacting both your supervisor and MP this will insure your message is received and communicated prior to the start of your shift. 

GIVE advance notice if you know that you will need to miss any work in the future. The sooner you let both Assurant and Manpower, know the better! 

Attendance Line

Requesting Time Off

When requesting time off you will want to give notice to both your Supervisor at Assurant and Manpower. We recommend you connect with your Supervisor for the expectations when requesting off. Please remember a request is always a request and Manpower can not guarantee approval. All time off must be approved by your supervisor.