Getting Paid


It is your responsibility to accurately report your hours worked in a timely manner so that we can pay you the correct amount at the right time. 


Manpower provides three possible payment methods.

  • Direct Deposit

  • Paycard

  • Papercheck

Click here to set up Direct Deposit or Paycard


You will submit your time in Fieldglass

Instructions on submitting your time have been provided for you below under 'How to Submit Time"


Report your time every week by Midnight on the Sunday of the week you work. 

Payday is every Friday starting the week after your assignment begins.

For all time sheets submitted and approved on time funds will be available for direct deposit/paycard by Friday.  

Paperchecks will be received by Monday

Deliver date is dependent on first class mail. 

Manpower's standard work week is Monday at 12am through Sunday 11:59pm

How to Submit Time

Step 1: Login

  • Input username and password.

  • You will receive an email with your username and password during your first week. 

  • If you do not receive your username and password by the end of your first week worked contact your Associate Specialist, Alex Ortega.

Step 2: Complete Timesheet

  • On your dashboard Locate "Work Items to Act Upon"(a.)

  • Click on "Complete Time Sheet" for the correct work week. (b.) 

**The work week will be listed under the "Period" column. ​


Step 3 : Enter Time

  1. Under "Time in/Time Out" (1a.) you will input your hours worked. 

    • EX:

      • Time In (1b.) : 8:00am​

      • Meal Break 1 Out (1c.) : 12:00pm

      • Meal Break 1 In (1d.) : 12:30pm

      • NOTE* you will only input lunch breaks.

      • Time Out (1e.) : 5:00 pm

  2. Next scroll down to "Time Worked"​​ (1f.)

  • Enter the total hours you worked for each day.

  • Your first 40 hours of the week should be submitted in the ST /hr row​​ (1g.)

  • Anything over 4o hours should be submitted in the OT /hr row (1h.)

Please note the Total Hours under Time Worked should match the total hours from Time in/Time Out. Reference yellow arrow for ex. 

Step 4 : Submit Timesheet

  • Select Submit -

    • Your timesheet is now pending approval.

  • When your timesheet is approved or rejected you will receive an email notification.

  • If you receive a rejection notification, make the necessary changes as instructed in the email. 

  • If you have any questions or problems submitting your timesheet contact your Associate Specialist, Alex Ortega.