Employment Verification

Time Entry

Injured on the Job


I didn't get paid 

Payday is Friday for the hours worked from the week prior. 
1. Did you enter your hours into Fieldglass by 11:50pm on Sunday?
2. Did you receive a rejection notification from Fieldglass?
  • If you did receive a rejection notice, review the details provided, make the proper adjustments and then connect with your Associate Specialist, Alex Ortega.
3. Do you have direct deposit or are you getting a paper check?
  • Direct Deposit - Is your banking information up to date in your Manpower Secured Self-Service tab? 
    • If not, update your banking information as soon as possible. 
    • Please note any changes to your direct deposit information takes 7 to 10 business days to take effect. 
  • Paper Paychecks - Paper paychecks are mailed out every Wednesday and you can expect to receive it in the mail by the following Monday.
    • When set up to receive paperchecks in the mail:​
      • Make sure any updates to your address are made in real time ​
      • Confirm the address listed in your Manpower account is up to date.
      • If you do not receive your paper check contact the Manpower Associate Care Center 800-561-6934
4. IF you still have questions around not getting paid, contact your Associate Specialist, Alex Ortega.

I need to set up/update my Direct Deposit or a Pay Card

In order to ensure you are paid on Friday Manpower recommends you select pay card or direct deposit as your payment method.
To Set up/Update Direct Deposit 
  • Manpower.com
  • Secured Self Service Tab ​
  • You can edit this information as many times needed. 
What is my Secured Self Service Tab? Click here
To Set up Paycard

I was paid incorrectly  

You will want to contact your Associate Specialist, Alex Ortega, directly. 

I need to update my W4 / State Tax form 

To update your W4 or State Tax Form:
  • Visit manpower.com
  • Go to your Secured Self Service Tab
  • Update your W4 or State Tax Form 
What is my Secured Self Service Tab? Click here
You can edit this information as many times needed. 

I need to update my contact information 

To update your Contact Information
  • Visit manpower.com
  • Go to your Secured Self Service Tab
  • Update your contact your information
What is my Secured Self Service Tab? Click here
You can edit this information as many times needed. 

I need to view my pay stubs

  • Paystubs should be received via email on the Thursday before payday if timesheet was submitted on time. 
  • You can also access your pay stubs in your secured self service tab on your manpower account 
What is my Secured Self Service Tab? Click here

I have questions about my time entry

  • I clicked submit and received an error message​​​​
    • You may have input your hours into the wrong field. ​
    • Refer to Step 3 of Entering Time and ensure your hours are input correctly. 
    • You will always receive a warning message if more than 8 hours are recorded in one day
      • If those hours are correct, click submit again and your timesheet will be accepted 
    • Don't forget to fill out the Time Worked section. Please refer to Step 3 of Entering Time on what this section is or for clarification on what information needs to be submitted. 
    • If your hours are input correctly and you are still receiving an error message, contact your Associate Specialist, Alex Ortega.​​​
  • My Timesheet is not available 
    • Contact your Associate Specialist, Alex Ortega.​

I can't login to Fieldglass

Fieldglass is not supported on mobile browsers and will not allow you to login on your mobile. 
  • You can download their mobile app to access Fieldglass via your mobile device. 
  • Android users - Click here
  • Apple iOS users - Click here
If you received a username and password your account has been set up and this may be an error on Fieldglass' end.
First attempt resetting your password.
  1. Select "Need help signing in?" on the login page. Click here for example.  
  2. Follow the steps to reset your password and try logging in again. 
If you are still unable to login or if you have not received a username and password by the end of your first week, please contact your Associate Specialist, Alex Ortega, to resolve the issue. 

Employment Verification

If you need verification of your employment dates and/or income please email CORE@manpower.com. Below is an example you can use when reaching out. 
SUBJECT : Employment and Income Verification Request
My name is John and I need to request an employment and income verification letter be completed no later than Tuesday. 
Thank you,
John Smith
Our verification team will send you the verification letter unless otherwise instructed. 

Injured on the Job

Of course, we hope that you'll never be injured on the job. However, if you are, we want you to receive the most appropriate care without delay. If you receive a life-threatening or serious injury on the job that requires immediate medical attention, 911 should be called.
For all other injuries, follow the process below:
  1. Notify your supervisor. Tell him or her what happened and how you are feeling. 
  2. Your supervisor should call PC365 at 1-855-690-7299 to speak with a nurse. If your supervisor is not available you may call PC365 directly. 
    • PC365 is a medical triage service that partners with Manpower. The nurse at PC365 will ask you or your supervisor to provide your current location (site location) and information about your Manpower office, as well as an overview of what happened.
  3. The PC365 nurse will then ask you for details about the injury and your medical symptoms
  4. The nurse will recommend a course of action, depending on your injury and symptoms. 
  5. The nurse will send a summary of the call and the treatment recommendation to your Manpower Representative, Alex Ortega. The report can be in English or Spanish. 
  6. Contact your Manpower Representative, Alex Ortega, within 8 hours of speaking with PC365 to inform them of the injury.